Our definition: Recruitment

Targeted recruitment of suitable personnel for vacant position considering the client’s professional requirements and peculiarities of the client’s business sphere.

Local characteristics: Assessment of applicants by foreigners harbour huge risks

For recruiters from abroad it is almost impossible to assess a candidate’s qualification with respect to local accounting and taxation standards. Nevertheless, these spheres contain great risks for a company.

In majority cases the applicants’ resumes do not reflect the actual qualification, as very often people tend to overestimate their capabilities.

Our solution: We recommend only those applicants who have successfully passed qualification level tests, and whom we would hire ourselves.

Having deep professional knowledge in the mentioned fields we not only check the language skills but also verify technical expertise and work experience of potential candidates. We recommend only those candidates who fully meet your profile requirements and who we would hire ourselves.

One of the main stages of the recruitment process is a successful passing of a professional level test which was developed by the specialists of our company and is aimed at checking candidates’ knowledge and qualification level.

While doing so, we assess the technical capabilities and evaluate the applicants’ relevant experience as per the client’s organisational structure and business.

We are currently searching for the candidates for the following vacant positions

Recruiting “We provide recruiting of accounting and financial personnel. Having many years of practical experience in these professional fields we thoroughly assess the language skills and technical expertise of the candidates.”


Caussade Semences


Dermapharm AG